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The Internet is full of companies claiming to offer writing services. For any inexperienced person seeking to identify a writing company that can offer quality services, it becomes a challenge because most of the companies that present themselves are good, are actually fake. These are the kind of writing services that produce poor, low quality writing that students cannot submit to their supervisors because they are usually copied from other sources. Students who have no way of telling the difference between a good and a bad writing company end up losing their money to sham writing companies and such experiences frighten them very much. We have created to help such students overcome their fears and find better ways of identifying reputable companies.

We rely on customer reviews in order to create a list that shows students which writing services are dependable and which ones are not. To get these reviews, we welcome students who have given work to writing services to give feedback about their experiences with those companies. As they share their experiences, we ask students to be open and share about how qualified and professional the writers in the writing company are, how clear the policies about services provided are and the guarantees that the company provides. Also, we ask for information on the customer rights that the company upholds like right to progress updates, contact writers, or review of work returned by customers. Customers can also let us know whether the company provides samples of work and plagiarism reports to its customers.

With this information, we rate writing companies against a criterion that we have developed. This criterion uses costing, ability to submit work in time, readiness of end products for customer use and customer reviews as the rating parameters. We also go through social media platforms and review any feedback that customers might have left there.

How we Rank Companies

After rating the companies using our set criterion, we use numerical scores to rank them with the best coming on top and others following. We feature this ranking list on out report that our visitors can access through this site. This report is useful in showing students which writing companies can be trusted to deliver quality work. With the ranking report, we aim at influencing the way that our audience identifies writing companies. Our reports contain information about companies that are either reviewed now as well as those whose reviews were concluded recently. We do not target companies that perform poorly through our ranking system. All we seek to do is to equip our visitors with knowledge necessary in making great writing service choices.

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Videos and Website Links

Our visitors can also make use of the website links and videos of the top rated writing companies featured below to make the right choices. We have included them here to facilitate their easy access by students. In the video clips, you can be able to see what each company’s process looks likes from the ordering stage to the delivery stage.